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Unlocking Your Potential in Turf Maintenance: Bernhard Academy’s New Educational Courses

Unlocking Your Potential in Turf Maintenance: Bernhard Academy’s New Educational Courses 2560 1707 Noreen Kausar

Unlocking Your Potential in Turf Maintenance: Bernhard Academy’s New Educational Courses

In the world of turf maintenance and golf course management, staying ahead of the game is essential. That’s why Bernhard Academy, the UK’s leading provider of education for the turf industry, is thrilled to announce its new program of educational courses.

These courses are designed to empower greenkeepers, turf professionals, and mechanics to take their skills to the next level and stay at the forefront of the industry. After a year of careful curation, Bernhard Academy is ready to unveil this exciting array of courses that address the evolving needs of the turf industry. The courses have been developed to provide real-world skills and solutions that can enhance the performance of turf maintenance facilities on a daily basis.

The academy has forged partnerships with prestigious golf venues throughout the UK[NK|BaC1] , setting up tailor-made facilities for turf maintenance workshops. Courses are delivered in world-class learning environments at locations like Moortown Golf Club and Royal Norwich Golf Club in England, as well as the Bernhard Academy headquarters in Haverhill, and even Gleneagles in Scotland. For those who can’t make it in person, there’s also an interactive online webinar series delivered live from the Bernhard Academy in Haverhill.

The new programme categorises its courses into two tracks: Management and Technical, each covering a range of essential topics to help achieve success in turf maintenance.

Management Series:

  • The Power of Understanding Others: Develop crucial interpersonal skills to foster effective relationships within teams and with stakeholders·
  • Using Data and Information for Solid Decision Making: Learn how to utilise data for well-informed decision-making in turf management
  • Principles of Innovation and How to Generate Great Ideas in the Workplace: Explore the foundations of innovation and techniques for generating creative ideas in a professional setting
  • Managing Finance, Preparing, and Controlling Budgets: Learn the fundamentals of budgets and how to deliver to your business needs
  • Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Techniques that Work: Master the art of stakeholder management, a critical aspect of successful turf maintenance projects
  • Transparent Project Management Tools to Achieve Great Results: Acquire project management skills to plan, execute, and oversee turf-related projects efficiently
  • Change – How to Prepare and Manage Effectively: Understand strategies for effectively preparing for and managing organisational change
  • Performance Management and Unlocking Maximum Productivity: Learn techniques for optimising productivity through effective performance management

Technical Course:

  • Cutting Unit Setup and Sharpening Techniques: This course provides hands-on training in the precise setup and maintenance of cutting units, ensuring agronomic and economical benefits and the best quality of turf presentation and health

This is a remarkable opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their turf maintenance careers. To secure your place in one of Bernhard Academy’s educational courses and embark on a journey of professional growth, head to for booking information, course details, registration, and support.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2023