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Bernhard Academy unveils Sami Strutt as new Education Director

Bernhard Academy unveils Sami Strutt as new Education Director 1600 1200 Natalia Pinto

Bernhard Academy unveils Sami Strutt as new Education Director

We are excited to announce the appointment of Sami Strutt as our new Education Director within the Bernhard Academy.

Strutt joins the Bernhard Academy Team at our production factory based in Suffolk to take on her new role. With a wealth of experience, having performed numerous roles in a 30-year tenure at BIGGA (British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association), most recently as the organisation’s chief operating officer, we have no doubt she will make a big impact for us.

Steven Nixon, the Managing Director here at Bernhard and Company, commented: “We’re delighted to be appointing Sami as our new Director of Education, in what is a really exciting period for the Bernhard Academy. There is absolutely no doubt that Sami has the experience and tools required to take the Bernhard Academy to the next level, as we continue to roll out new programmes and workshop opportunities around the globe.”

Sami Strutt added: “This opportunity is one that I never imagined would be made available to me, so it is one that I couldn’t turn down. The Bernhard Academy is proof of Bernhard and Company’s commitment and investment into enhancing the careers of greenkeepers and sports turf professionals, from those with decades of experience, all the way to those who are just starting out. The Bernhard Academy is providing something really positive to the turf industry, so I’m really excited to be part of that.”

Sami will start her new role at the Bernhard Academy in spring 2024. Our current Director of Education for the Bernhard Academy, Craig Haldane, will be taking a step back from running day-to-day operations at the end of January.

Steven Nixon added: “We are very excited to welcome Sami to the team. She will bring an enormous amount of experience in developing educational programmes for the greenkeeping community from her many years at BIGGA.”

Strutt and the team will continue to develop new training modules, to complement the range of existing programmes we already have in place, to help greenkeepers, equipment managers, and turf professionals take their performance to the next level.

We have recently launched  a whole new programme of educational courses, that are now available for booking at our three sites around the UK, via the new Bernhard Academy website:

The new courses offer valuable opportunities for attendees to take away real-world skills and solutions that can enhance performance of their turf maintenance facility on a daily basis. The new programme includes workshops that fall under two categories: Management or Technical. Both categories will cover a range of essential topics to help achieve success in turf maintenance.

The Bernhard Academy workshops – ‘Grinding Perfection and Cutting Unit Setup’ – are available to book as part of BIGGA’s Continue to Learn programme at BTME 2024, were among the first to totally sell-out due to extremely high demand.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your turf maintenance career by securing a place in one of our Bernhard Academy educational courses today and embark on a journey of professional growth.

For booking information, course details, registration, and support, please visit the new user-friendly Bernhard Academy website:

For more information on the Bernhard Academy, you can visit the LinkedIn page:

You can also find the Bernhard Academy on Twitter at @BernhardAcademy or on Instagram at @bernhard_academy.

Posted on: Dec 08, 2023