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The Bernhard Academy Delegation

The Delegation sponsored by Bernhard Academy is one of the most respected and revered educational opportunities for anyone in the greenkeeping industry.

Embark on a transformative week-long educational journey with the delegation! Elevate your career through immersive experiences, including site visits to trade shows, exploration of top-notch golf courses, engaging seminars, vibrant networking events and enlightening educational demonstrations.

Renowned in the industry, our delegation is celebrated for fostering enduring business and social connections that last a lifetime.

Delegation process


Prospective candidates have to fill out an online form to apply. They will be asked questions related to their experience in the turf industry,  their career aspirations and showcase why they are an ideal fit for this exceptional opportunity.

Following the review of applications, the selection panel will identify top candidates who will then be requested to submit a brief introductory video. Subsequently, 20 chosen candidates will have the chance to be invited to a virtual or face-to-face interview. The interview will centre around their professional background, future goals, and potential contributions to the delegation.

Selection Line-Up:
Following the interview phase, we will announce the 10 successful delegates who will embark on this journey. The announcement will be made public via our website and social media platforms.

Education Exposure:
Once selected, delegates will be immersed in knowledge and skill enhancement. They will have the opportunity to attend insightful seminars, visit golf courses and participate in hands-on activities hosted by the Bernhard Academy. Each activity is designed to foster career growth and gain expertise in the turf industry.

Delegates will have the chance to connect and collaborate with turf professionals from across the globe. Whether it is through sharing experiences, exchanging innovative ideas or discussing turf management practices. This delegation is the perfect platform to expand their professional network within the turf community.

The GCSAA Delegation


For the first time, we are taking 10 selected candidates from the US to the UK.

This exclusive delegation provides an enriching educational experience, career development and meaningful connections.

Picture yourself joining the delegation, be open to learning and forging new friendships, networking with turf professionals and expanding your horizons in the industry.

Successful candidates will not only embark on a journey to the UK,  they will attend the BTME trade show, visit legendary Links golf courses and will take part in other insightful Bernhard Academy activities, having a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

It’s not just a trip, it’s a unique opportunity to grow, learn and create memories.

Applications are now open

The BIGGA Delegation


For over 20 years, BIGGA and Bernhard and Company have selected 10 members to fly out to the United States and dive into the amazing education and networking opportunities at the GCSAA’s Conference and Trade Show.

Being part of the BIGGA Delegation is a mark of honour in the greenkeeping world, and we warmly extend an invitation for you to join in the experience.

You don’t need to be at a top-tier venue to be selected. All you need is a passion for learning, enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge, and a deep commitment to the turf industry.

In return, you’ll explore premier U.S. facilities, immerse yourself in world-class education, connect with industry leaders, and discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Applications will open in May 2025

Why should you apply for the delegation?

The 2024 Delegates

Harry Cannon
Harry Cannon Beau Desert Golf Club
Richard Stephens
Richard Stephens Vicars Cross Golf Club
Eddie Irvine
Eddie Irvine Trump International
Robert Acheson
Robert Acheson Thonock Park
James Hampson
James Hampson Llanymynech Golf Club
Luke Sheldon
Luke Sheldon Beau Desert Golf Club
Richard Ponsford
Richard Ponsford Clevedon Golf Club
Stephen Davey
Stephen Davey Queenwood Golf Club
Fraser Jardine
Fraser Jardine Trump Turnberry

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