Bernhard Academy Course

Project Management

In-person - Royal Norwich

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Project management

Transparent project management tools to achieve great results 

In this workshop we explore project programming and management, realising its critical role in implementing organisational strategies in a controlled and systematic way. It entails building cross functional commitment and plans for the delivery of agreed goals which are important to realise the overall vision. It provides direction by describing what the organisation needs to be like, to be successful in the future. The role of projects is to support the organisations desire to realise its vision. If done correctly, they ensure that what is being delivered is right and will deliver real value to the organisational goals.

Craig Haldane Director of Education
Phil Helmn Programme Leader - Agronomy, Leadership and Management
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The Weston Estate Weston Hall Road, Norwich NR9 5JZ   View map
+44 (0)1788 811600
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This event has passed

Additional Course Information

This workshop is engaging and interactive, creating the opportunity for you to put to practice what you have learnt throughout the session. On completion of the workshop, you will have covered the below information.

Workshop outcomes

  • The correct processes for planning projects
  • Approaches to manage and mitigate risks
  • Effective tools/techniques to manage projects
  • How to use problem solving/decision-making techniques.


This event has passed

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